Weddings are one of the most exciting but also daunting events that you will face throughout your life. There are so many things to look forward to, but all of these require careful preparation to ensure the day itself goes smoothly. It is easy to get overwhelmed and book a wedding venue that you heard was good or that looks nice and shiny in photos online, but it is important you don't make a rash decision in this department. Your wedding venue is vital and making sure it fits your specific needs is more important than just being a well-known place. Here are three things you need to keep in mind when picking the perfect wedding venue for your big day. 


Most people will have their wedding ceremony and the reception at two different locations, with a bit of time spread out between them for the wedding party to go and get photos taken. When picking your wedding venue for either section, it is so important that you do so with transportation solutions in mind. No one wants to spend the two- or three-hour break between the ceremony and reception driving. Even if it is physically possible to close this gap, it will not be a positive experience for the guests or you, so make sure you try to find a wedding venue that is quite close to the ceremony. 

Function Over Form

While the ceremony itself should be in quite an important or picturesque place, the reception is more about making sure everyone has a good time. While it is still a good idea to have it in a place as nice as possible, it is more vital that you have the facilities and a wedding venue that can sustain your party adequately. If you pick a place without a big enough kitchen or that has too few parking spots or toilets then the main memory your guests will have is one of frustration at the ceremony. Sacrificing a bit of that picturesque quality for a better service is always advisable. 


Remember that your wedding is a celebration of you as a couple, and it should feel like that. Have a favourite dish or perhaps a unique drink that you love? Order it by the bucketload for all your guests to enjoy. Do you both love karaoke or perhaps you just want the perfect 70's disco dancefloor? That can be arranged! Maybe you are both big kids at heart and want a candy table filled with everything from fairy floss to candy pizzas. Easy! Pick a wedding venue that loves to cater to these specifics and can help you source it rather than one that is more strict and formal.