Looking for a sports bar can be a challenging task. It is especially so if you are new in town and have not made any friends. Below is a short guide on how to look for a sports bar. 

Regular Patrons

Examine the club's social media accounts to know what people you will find at the club. Besides, you could check reviews on local entertainment blogs. For instance, some clubs are popular among supporters of a specific club. On the other hand, others could be popular among doctors, celebrities, truckers or military personnel.

Televised Activities

As a rule, the sports bar should televise your favourite sports. A club that screens motor races during the weekend may not be an ideal choice if you are a football fan. Some clubs have many screens showing different sports. However, you are better off going to a club that exclusively shows your favourite sport. It is a sure way to socialise with other fans supporting your team or the opponents.

Food and Drinks

Below are tips to help you examine the bar's menu:

  • What drinks does the bar serve? Some establishments operate as whisky bars while others have high-quality craft beers and a wide variety of cocktails.
  • You could also be interested to know if the bar has celebrity mixologists or chefs.
  • The bar should serve a wide range of foods. You may not get top-end cuisine; however, they may serve ribs, burgers, chicken and chips.
  • Check the availability of discounts. For instance, some bars have a happy hour where they serve food and drinks at discounted prices.

Games and Events

Pool and darts are an excellent way to spend time before and after the game. Besides, they are a sure way to make new friends at the bar. If you love board games, look for a sports bar that has chess, monopoly or scrabble boards. 

Some sports bars have special events such as karaoke, spoken word contests or live bands on different days of the week. Check the bar's monthly calendar to know when your favourite musician or DJ will perform at the club. If you would want to hold a birthday or end month party at the bar, inquire about their reservation policy. You may qualify for complimentary drinks if you spend a specific amount of money.

The sports bar must be safe. Avoid establishments where cars get broken into or those where fights break out frequently.