Indian food is one of the most sought-after cuisines around the world. As such, you will find Indian restaurants in major cities around the world. If you would like to sample Indian food, the excerpt below discusses some considerations you should make. 


Restaurants located in quiet and serene locations are perfect for a date. Rooftop or lakeside restaurants provide an excellent view which may help set the mood for your date. Since it is difficult to visit all the restaurants, check their websites to ascertain their ambience.


Some restaurants hire world-renown chefs to prepare meals for their guests. Visit such establishments to sample your favourite chef's signature Indian foods. Some restaurants will ask you to make a reservation since the chef may not be in a position to cook for all guests.


Conduct some research on the reputation of various Indian restaurants in your area. Independent food websites are an excellent source of such information. Besides, you can ask other food enthusiasts for reviews on good Indian restaurants in your locality. Some essential questions to ask include:

  • What is the quality of the food? Poorly cooked food will not only ruin your experience, but can also cause stomach upsets.
  • How long does food preparation take? This will help you determine when to walk into the restaurant.
  • How traditional is the food? While some restaurants mix Indian dishes with conventional foods, others exclusively sell Indian foods.
  • Does the restaurant have courteous staff?
  • What are the restaurant's operating hours? 


Indian restaurants price their foods differently. For example, a restaurant located in a five-star hotel would be more expensive than a small restaurant inside a mall. Large restaurants offer a variety of Indian cuisines. More often than not, the food will come in courses to ensure you enjoy a wider range of Indian foods. Expensive meals are not necessarily tasty. You will, therefore, have to rely on the restaurant's reputation to avoid disappointments.


Indian food is known for being spicy. If you have little information about the food offered on the menu, inquire what spices are used during preparation. If you are spice intolerant, ask the chef to adjust the spices to mild. If you are a vegetarian, you do not have to worry, as most Indian restaurants have a vegetarian menu. 

Indian foods are exotic and full of flavour. The primary considerations to make when looking for an Indian restaurant are the location, chefs, reputation, budget and spices.