When one goes for a dinner out, the ambience and location make a massive difference to the overall dining experience. Australia is home to a wide array of exotic waterfront restaurants — each offering a unique, memorable experience. Waterfront restaurants are those situated alongside a sea or lake with a glorious view to accompany the equally glorious food. These restaurants offer seasonal produce that is prepared in the restaurant's signature cooking style. On the price end of the spectrum you can expect to pay slightly more or even a fair amount more for the view offered to you. This price will also reflect the dining style and menu items, if the restaurant has finer menu items with a reservation required then the price will be higher. Some waterfront restaurants are more casual with laid-back seating arrangements and more common menu items such as fish and chips. These restaurants can also offer you a lovely view as well as food well-prepared. 

Alongside private dining experiences, these waterfront restaurants are also available for hire as venues for a range of events including business dinners, Christmas parties, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. If you wish to have a more intimate gathering with fine food offered alongside a water view, then these restaurants can cater to your needs.

What's in the menu?

The menu typically always includes seafood produce when the restaurant is situated on a waterfront. Seafood is a delicacy that needs to be prepared and cooked expertly to taste wonderful. Waterfront restaurants offer seafood platters, pan-fried fish with seasonal salad and roast vegetables, pasta with selections of seafood and vegetables. Another popular item in these restaurants is different types of cheese platters with a selection of aged, soft and firm cheeses with complimentary items including olives and grapes.

In Australia, a number of Italian waterfront restaurants are offered with their own Italian spin on popular dinner items. They will, of course, have varieties of pasta, such as stuffed ravioli and penne with signature sauces and cheeses. You also will not be disappointed with desserts delicately prepared and marvellously served. Italian restaurants always have pavlova available, which is now even available in a vegan for avid vegan fine diners.

A waterfront dining experience can be enjoyed as a couple or alongside family, either way, it will be a memorable one. Always take a look at the menu prior to getting there and see if you need a reservation.