If you are looking for an easy and low-key option for a first date, a bar and grill can be a fun and relaxing place to meet. Here are some of your options for meeting at a bar and grill.

Meet for a drink

If you have not gotten together previously (for instance, if you've met on a dating app), it's a good idea to meet somewhere public for a first date so you can see if you've got some chemistry in real life. It can also help either party feel safer as the date will be taking place in likely crowded location. A bar and grill is a great option because you can have a drink and chat for a while, with an option to either extend or leave the date depending on how it's going. You may want to look for a bar that has a special on a certain night so you can try a special meal or drink.

Watch the game

Many bars and grills will show sports on the big screen, which can be a great option if you have connected over a love of a similar sport. It can be a lot of fun for expats especially as it can be a great time to dress up and chat about your favourite sport and connected memories. The game gives you both something to talk about to get the conversation going if things get awkward, as well as a giving you a natural end to the date if things don't go well. You can also extend the date if things are going well by having more drinks or a meal afterwards. 

Share a meal

If you want a more formal meal, bar and grills also offer a wide range of food options. The menus tend to be relatively simple, so you don't need to worry about the other person not being able to find a dish that they like. Most bars also offer a great variety of drinks to complement the mood. Eating at a bar and grill can even be a good place to go for a date even if you are a vegetarian, as most bars also have great grilled vegetable options or pasta.

If you are looking for a great place for a first date, you can't overlook a bar and grill as a quality option as it allows both people to be flexible as they get to know each other more.