It can be difficult sometimes to find a great restaurant that caters for vegans and that serves gluten-free food. A lot of the time menus may have vegetarian options, but they will be cooked in the same fat as meat is cooked on the premises, and a lot of the time the vegetarian option isn't a vegan option. It's not all doom and gloom though as there are some great places which serve beautiful vegan food and cater for customers who can't eat gluten, and when you find these places you become loyal to them. 

Here's some of the tastiest gluten-free and vegan meals that can make you a regular in such establishments.

Chickpea Pancake - You don't need eggs or batter mix, but you can still have a wholesome pancake made with chickpeas and available with a variety of toppings. Salsa and avocado go well with it, but if you have your own choice, feel free to experiment. Some vegan restaurants might have their own special recipe when it comes to the toppings, but it all comes down to the pancake, and that's going to taste amazing. It's a great dish that can offer plenty of variety.

Mac and Cheese - You may think it's odd, but you read it correctly, because there is an option for a vegan mac and cheese which is also gluten free. Using almond milk, sweet potato and cauliflower or white beans to create the cheese sauce, and gluten- free macaroni pasta, this is the pinnacle of vegan eating.

Spicy Buffalo Wings - Did you know that 'chicken' wings can even be made from cauliflower? These wings are just as tasty as any buffalo chicken wing when lathered in spicy sauce. Most vegan restaurants will offer a variety of spice levels from mild to burn your insides out.

Sweet Potato Burger - Sweet potato is a great vegan and gluten-free ingredient that is full of flavour and chunky enough to be incredibly filling, especially in a burger. Add some black beans, top it with avocado and onion, and you're in food heaven.

There are plenty more options for gluten-free, vegan eating including curries, pizzas, omelettes and pastas. So the next time you go out to eat, try to find gluten-free and vegan food on your restaurant menus. You might be surprised by how many delicious dishes you can still enjoy, even if they do have slightly different ingredients.