What makes a good bar great? You should know it's the little things that matter. Nowadays, the best bars in town have great beverage programs, beautifully prepared menus and exquisitely curated beer lists to meet the expectations of a wide clientele base. But if you are looking to create a niche and stand out from even the best, you have to pay attention to the most minor details—in addition to providing eclectic drinks and fascinating culinary delights. These 4 essential ingredients to create the best bars in your town will give you the ignition you need to make your bar stand out from the rest.

The Barstools

Most bars tend to ignore the importance of good bar stools, sometimes housing wobbly and unstable barstools that would rather have guests standing that taking the risk of falling—and not because they have been drinking. Comfort is one of the most important factors to keep patrons loyal. Good barstools could mean the difference between one drink and multiple drinks in your bar. A truly comfortable barstool should have the swivel feature with an adjustable height—for patrons of different statures who want to socialise all around the bar.

The Glassware

Be wary of the quality of glass and types of glassware you use for different drinks. Diverse glassware is essential—both for aesthetics and ergonomics. Patrons will appreciate your attention to detail when you serve them their martinis in a beautifully sculpted martini glass, while the beer guzzlers love the idea of rugged beer mugs for chugging down mug after mug. By focusing on the minor details, you display your commitment towards creating an exceptionally dapper bar.

The Ice

Once you start caring about the ice you serve at your bar, you've entered another realm of service—that may almost be unsurpassed in your town. The shape and quantity of ice can really affect the way patrons enjoy their drinks. After all, you wouldn't want a pile of wafer-thin watery ice cubes in your scotch, would you? Consider an ice machine that produces different ice cube shapes. For example, shaved ice is great for blended cocktails, while full gourmet ice cubes work perfectly for sodas and spirits.

The Bathroom

When patrons spend a lot of time in the bar, you can expect them to spend a bit of time in your bathroom too. Remember that dirty and stinky bathrooms that lack in soap and tissue are enough to make patrons quit even the best bars in town. Bathrooms must always be kept clean, especially after patrons who have had a few too many have used them. Basic items like air freshener, soap, dustbins and tissue paper could be the difference between a clean and filthy bathroom.

It goes without saying that a rocking drinks and food menu can transform your bar into one of the best bars in town—but these vital ingredients are sure to tip the scales in your favour over competition for a longer time to come.